Commerce Hall to host Highway Lights and F.L.O.W.


Special to the LPR

Plum Creek Records & Tapes, a record shop and event promoter in Lockhart, present Highway Lights and F.L.O.W. on Saturday, July 20 from 7-11 p.m. at Commerce Hall.

Experience a one-of-a-kind night of music with ambient chamber duo Highway Lights (featuring members of Montopolis) and F.L.O.W., a new collaboration between Neil Lord (Future Museums) and Grainger Weston (Natural Flavors), plus visuals from Hedonic Illuminance.

Ambient chamber group Highway Lights is cellist Sara Nelson and synthesist Justin Sherburn. Their new approach to music making features immersive synthesizers and sweeping cello solos, perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, visual art, or any mindful listening environment. Their meditative expanses of drone sculpture and sweeping melodies have been called “stunning and transcendent” by the Austin Chronicle. Nelson is a member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra and the Tosca String Quartet. Sherburn performs live scores to silent films under the name Montopolis. They released a recording earlier this year to accompany the total eclipse: A Space of Partial Illumination. 

F.L.O.W. (Full Liquid Orchestral Works) is a new collaboration between Lord and Weston, born out of their mutual love of ambient music.


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