Bidi Bidi Banda plays to many, many at Courthouse Nights


About 500 attended the Courthouse Nights concert on June 17.

Bidi Bidi Band was then only returning band to Courthouse Nights from the 2021 lineup.

“The crowd was in the streets danced in a circle, a conga line,” said Rachel Lingvai of Rach & Rhodes Presents. “It was an unbelievable night with an amazing turnout.”

The concert was the third of the seven-month lineup. Next month’s event will be July 15 with the Peterson Brothers of Austin. They sing a variety of soul, funk, blues, jazz, and R&B.

The Peterson Brothers, who began playing in Bastrop, have played the famed Continental Club in Austin for a decade.

The remainder of the schedule for Courthouse Nights, presented by Lingvai and Will Rhodes of Rach and Rhodes Presents, is as follows:

July 15 – The Peterson Brothers

Aug. 19 – Nuevo

Sept. 16 – The Tierras

Oct. 21 – Natt Vasquez (of Delta Spirit)


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