Candidates report additional expenses


By LPR Staff

Early voting for the May 7 city council and school board elections ended on Tuesday with a near-record voter turnout.
Almost 800 voters cast early ballots in the election for the Lockhart Independent School District Board of Trustees election. According to Phil McBride with LISD, the number of voters was significantly hi

gher than in past elections.
In the municipal election, city secretary and election coordinator Connie Ortiz said that 620 people cast ballots. Ortiz also said that the number was higher than in past years.
As election judges prepare for Saturday”s election, the candidates are making their final campaigning push. In addition to their campaigning, the candidates in both the city and LISD elections were required to file campaign spending reports seven days prior to the election.
In the mayoral race, candidates James A. “Jimmy” Bertram and Tiffany Kowal both filed reports.
Bertram”s report indicated that he had made no further expenditures and received no additional contributions after his original filing in early April.
Kowal”s report reflected that she has received significant campaign contributions since the first filing, including a $1,500 campaign contribution from James Sterling, who also purchased $551.95 in local advertising on behalf of Kowal”s campaign.
She also received a $400 contribution from Mike Graham of Lockhart.
Kowal claimed significant expenses since the first report, including $700 for campaign signs, paid to Sign Daddy out of Austin, Texas. She spent $720.26 for local advertising, and nearly $212 in other campaign expenses, most of which was spent locally.
Nine of the 15 candidates running for places on the LISD Board of Trustees filed updated campaign spending reports.
Gary Allen”s report reflected a contribution in the amount of $500 received from George Hazelett. Allen claimed $767.13 in expenses for local advertising and $22.50 in other campaign expenses.
John Flores did not report any additional contributions to his campaign. He claimed $908.97 in campaign expenses, including $90 to H.S. billboard and $770.25 in local advertising.
Andy Govea received one campaign contribution of $75, and accrued an additional $153.50 in expenses, including $117 for local advertising.
Paul Hardwick claimed one additional expense for advertising in the amount of $273.
Rosa Hernandez, who did not file a report in early April, claimed no campaign contributions over $50 throughout her campaign. She reported $463.16 in expenses, including a payment of $332.10 to Allied Advertising in San Antonio for campaign signs.
Timoteo “Tim” Juarez, Jr., filed an updated report showing a $200 contribution from Fermin Islas of Lockhart. Juarez accrued $208.05 in additional expenses, primarily for local advertising.
John Manning accrued an additional $1,033.25 in campaign expenses, largely associated with a rally he hosted in City Park during his campaign. After his first report, Manning spent $120 for the purchase of signs from Luis Amaya of Lockhart, and $320 in local advertising.
According to the filing, all of Manning”s reported purchases were from Lockhart businesses.
Candidates Carl Ohlendorf, Clint Mohle and Peter Reinecke all held their spending to a minimum, each reporting less than $50 in additional expenses and no additional contributions.
Voting in the May 7 election will be held from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday. See Section C of your Lockhart Post-Register for polling places.


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