Canidates report on spending


By LPR Staff

As early voting draws to a close, the six candidates in the Lockhart Independent School District runoff election are making their final push toward Election Day on Saturday.
Amid the campaigning, several candidates made appearances in, or at the Chisholm Trail Roundup Grand Parade on Saturday, taking the opportunity to r

each a mass audience with a relative amount of ease.
Most candidates have also submitted their final campaign finance reports, which were due to election coordinators on Friday, June 10.
District 2 incumbent Andy Govea leads the way in both spending and expenses for the reporting period, which ran from the general election on May 7 until eight days prior to the runoff election.
During that period, Govea has collected nearly $1,500 in campaign contributions, including a $750 donation from Terry and Peggy Wright, and $300 from George Sanchez. He also earned almost $450 through donations less than $50, and a “meet the candidate” rally that he hosted recently.
The bulk of Govea”s expenses, $1,118.27, were for local advertising. He spent another $230 hosting the rally, and claimed $110.69 in expenses less than $50.
Govea”s opponent, Gary Allen, had not filed a report.
In District 3, both candidates, incumbent Paul Hardwick and Clint Mohle, claim to have collected only minimal contributions.
Hardwick claimed $272 in local advertising expense, while Mohle spent $303.50.
Neither incumbent Raymond Gonzales nor his opponent in the District 1 race, Timoteo “Tim” Juarez, Jr. had filed a report.


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