Catherine Ann Kaufman


September 5, 1948 – May 27, 2024

In the quiet town of Cedar Creek, beneath the whisper of swaying trees, Catherine “Cathy” Kaufman’s soul did take its gentle leave from earth on the 27th of May 2024 to be with our Heavenly Father. Born on the 5th of September, in the year 1948, within the robust city of Denver, CO, Cathy’s life was an opus, a melody of love and laughter that played sweetly through the decades.

Dwayne Kaufman, her steadfast husband, remains to carry forth her legacy alongside their beloved daughter and son-in-law, Lisa Kaufman and Dominic Neri; Tina Kaufman, her cherished adopted stepdaughter; her devoted brother, Jerry Wade, and Sister in Law Sandra Taylor. Cathy’s life was further graced by a throng of grandchildren: Joey, Ashlee, Levi, Luca, Niko, Brittney, Jayln, Jonny, Kacy, Jarvis; and the tender joy of great-grandchildren, Ethan and Arielle. In the echoes of their laughter, her memory will forever dance. Lori Kay and Gage, niece and nephew, also bear the torch of her luminous spirit.

Cathy was a woman of keen intellect and charming wit, having completed her high schooling and pursued the arts of knowledge at college. Her professional endeavors were as varied as they were impactful; she managed the comings and goings of many a traveler as a manager for Hertz rental car, spoke for the dishes that cleansed themselves as a factory rep for American Dish Service in the western US, counted coins and calculated fortunes as a bookkeeper and tax preparer, and above all, reigned supreme in the hearts of her family as a loving housewife and mother.

She was a creature of boundless interests, with a heart that beat in rhythm with the pattering of paws, the lure of untouched trails, and the beat of the dance floor. Cathy cherished the roll of dice, the strum of a guitar, and the harmonious escape of karaoke. Her joy was found in the giggles of children, the peaceful line cast into tranquil waters, the swift descent down snowy slopes, and the glide across ice. She found bliss in the art of the bargain hunt and the serene embrace of sun-kissed tans by the water’s edge.

Indeed, to speak of Cathy is to recall a soul loving and spirited, imbued with a humor that would make even the sternest heart chuckle. As the Bard himself might declare, she was a woman of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Her laughter and warmth were the kindling that lit the hearth of many a friendship and the beacon that guided her family through the darkest of nights.

As the sun doth set on the life of Catherine Kaufman, let us not dwell in the shadows, but rather bask in the glow of her memory. For though she has departed this earthly realm, the essence of her being eternally waltzes among us, a symphony of mirth and kindness.

Let us then, not say goodbye, but rather, until we meet again — in that undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns, puzzle the will. Cathy Kaufman, thou art not gone, but transformed — living now in stories told, in hearts warmed, and in the legacy of a life so beautifully lived.

“See you later, Alligator” Cathy

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