Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue becomes official


Two eras in Caldwell County firefighting ended on June 16 as the Lytton Springs and Niederwald Volunteer Fire Departments disbanded and reorganized to form Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue.
The two departments tabled all pending business early this month and came together to form the new organization, merging the departments and electing a new Board of Directors.
The n

ame change will be the most visible difference to the general public. Both the Lytton Springs and Niederwald stations will remain open, and all of the apparatus will continue to answer emergency calls. The goal of the merger is to improve emergency services to all of the residents of the fire district by consolidating the management of the personnel, equipment and assets.
Through a series of nominations and elections during the June 16 meeting, the Board of Directors for Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue was elected as follows: President – John Sammons; Vice President – Charlotte Montgomery; Secretary – Jessica Sammons; Treasurer – Lisa Cox; Directors at Large – Skip Dorsett and Buddy Rogers.
After the new board was seated, an election was held for the new fire chief. Rick Beaman, formerly a chief with the Lytton Springs VFD was elected.
Next, the board will take on the task of establishing new bylaws and policies for the department.
General Membership meetings for Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.


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