City approves wrecker fee increase


The Lockhart City Council last week unanimously approved an ordinance that will increase the amount local wreckers will be able to charge for non-consent tows within city limits.
According to the new ordinance, wreckers will now be able to charge $200 for non-consent arrest tows and $250 for crash impounds, in addition to fees for other services rendered, such as winching or debris clean up.
Last week, councilmembers took up the matter after a coalition of local wreckers banded together to seek the first increase in fees for non-consent and crash impound tows since 2006.
Linda and Johnny Barron, who run Barron’s Wrecker Services in Lockhart, were on hand at the meeting as representatives for each of the towing companies in the city to explain why they were pushing for increased rates.
Previously, wreckers were only allowed to charge $100 for non-consent arrest tows and $135 for crash impounds within city limits. They were not allowed to charge additional fees for services such as winching and cleaning.
In comparison, the cities of Luling, Kyle and Caldwell County charge up to $250 for non-consent tows, with the option to levy additional fees for services such as winching.
According to Johnny, the previous rates often did not justify the work required on-site.
“I’ve been doing this for over 40 years,” said Johnny. “I go out there and clear these streets and sometimes we only get $100 or $135 and there’s debris all over the road.
“It’s raining. It’s snowing. I can’t tell you how many times I almost got killed or ran over.”

To read more, see this week’s edition of the Post-Register.


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