Council chooses new district map


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Lockhart approved a revised version of Plan B for its redistricting of the four council districts after months of deliberation. The plan went into effect immediately at the May 17 meeting of the City Council after being passed unanimously.

Syd Falk, a Partner with Bickerstaff, Health Delgado Acosta LLP involved in working on the revised map, said he met with members of the community who originally had concerns over the redistricting plans.

Falk presented the council with Plan B Revised.

“The least populous district to the most populous district is less than 10 percent, so it is satisfactory to the One Person, One Vote requirement,” Falk said. “And I believe it does a better job of honoring the historic neighborhoods there, which were a concern to the LULAC organization and to the Hispanic community.”

The districts can be viewed online at

Mayor Lew White noted that the council had seen many different versions of a redistricting map and had heard from many citizens regarding their input.

Mayor Pro-Tem Angie Gonzalez-Sanchez also thanked Falk and others for their work.

“I know this is a very serious but very delicate situation,” Gonzales-Sanchez said.

Citizen John Castillo spoke prior to the vote and agreed that Plan B Revised was the best option.

“Redistricting is something I hold close by because it allowed me to be a councilmember at one time.” Castillo said. “I know it’s a touchy situation for certain members of the community, but I remember where not everybody was allowed to exercise their vote or participate in their local elections. We’re just wanting to make sure that we have fair and honest lines that are drawn and give everybody an opportunity to be involved in the political process.”

In other business:

City Manager Steve Lewis noted the Summer Fan Program was underway.

“We have free box fans available to those eligible Lockhart residence while supplies last,” Lewis said. “You must be 65-and-older or disabled, be a Lockhart resident, and if you received one last year you are not eligible this year.”

General Election Day is Nov. 8, and local city council candidate filing will be from July 23-Aug. 23.

Lewis also said Central Texas Refuse picked up 61 tons during the April 30 Citywide Bulk Cleanup event.


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