County law restricts usage of firearms


By Miles Smith
LPR Editor

The Caldwell County Commissioners Court on Monday passed an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms on lots 2.1 acres or smaller in subdivisions in unincorporated areas of the county.
The ordinance makes intentionally or knowingly discharging a firearm on such a lot size a class C misdemeanor. The offense is a class B misdemeanor if a person has been previously convicted of violating the ordinance.
Defenses to prosecution include discharging a firearm as a peace officer acting in his official capacity or if the person is acting in self defense, defense of a third party or defense of a person’s property.
The discussion continued Monday in court, where the law was passed 3-1 with commissioners Terry Wright, Eddie Moses and Ed Theriot voting in favor and Judge Pro Tem Joe Roland voting against.
Read the full story in this week’s Post-Register.


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