County to adopt ENS Notification System


By Cynthia Lytle


Caldwell County will get a new Emergency Notification System (ENS), county commissioners decided on Monday by county commissioners.

The ENS will enable the county to call multiple residents at the same time to alert them about possible danger and disasters such as tornados, flooding and hazardous spills in the area. Residen

ts will not only be notified by telephone of what is happening, they will also be instructed on what to do in the event of disaster.

“I think it’ll be an excellent addition to our 911 system,” said County Judge H.T. Wright.

The Capital Area Council of Governments will cover the overall cost of the program. Additionally, Caldwell County will pay $1,157 per year and the city of Lockhart will pay $1,136 per year.

In other court news, the commissioners also approved a bid by Caldwell Septics as the contractor for the proposed Phase Two, Unit 16 of the Housing Preservation Grant Program/Septic Tank System Installation Program. The county has $57,745 remaining from their USDA Rural Development funds. With an installation cost of approximately $6,500, the county will be able to install eight more tanks as part of the community development program.


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