Courthouse Nights welcomes James McMurtry


Courthouse Nights will welcome Lockhart’s own James McMurtry to Friday’s (May 20) highly anticipated event. McMurtry released his seventh album, “The Horses and the Hounds,” in 2021 and it made Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 50 list. Among his greatest hits are “Choctaw Bingo,” “No More Buffalo,” “We Can’t Make it Here,” “Lights of Cheyenne,” and his new hit, “Canola Fields.” McMurtry received a Grammy nomination for his 1996 video of “Where’d You Hide the Body,” and an American Indie Award for Best American Album for 1997’s “It Had to Happen.” McMurtry and his band will take the stage at 8 p.m. Will Rhodes will be the DJ for the early arriving crowd. The event is organized by Rach & Rhodes Production. McMurtry is pictured here performing at Black’s Barbecue’s 90th anniversary last weekend. Photo by Adrian Gutierrez


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