Craig Bowen


Dilmus “Craig” Bowen, a fireman technician and Caldwell County resident for more than 20 years, died peacefully on Nov. 12, 2016, at the age of 55.
Craig was born in Merkel, Texas on Dec. 27, 1960. He attended schooling in Merkel for first – sixth grades, before moving to Angleton where he finished out the rest of his education. He soon found a passion in installing fire

alarms within the surrounding counties. It would be a few months into his career in 1988 where things began to fall into place when he met the love of his life at the local bar called Cheers on a guys’ night playing pool. They began to date and shortly after they were married on June 20, 1989. It seemed like weeks when they began the adventure into parenthood where life then was forever changed.
Craig was an “adventure and investigate” parent. He would take the children on camping trips teaching them to fish and teaching them the ways of the woods. They spent many nights out on their boat. Some of the best memories are of the adventures on the boat, his children have always said. They always call him “an investigator” because, like most parents, he was always checking in on them when they were outside with friends. He would spy on them from around the corner watching what they were doing and easy dropping. His daughter can tell you numerous stories.
Craig was known for his hospitality to others of less fortune. He would give people a place to call home or just lay their head at night. Making sure to take care of others before himself was one of Craig’s most admirable qualities. He loved to make people laugh.  Telling jokes was one of his many hobbies, as was spending time in the wood work shop.  He will be deeply missed by all those who knew him.
Craig is survived by his wife, Janice Bowen; and his children: Anthony Schneider, Jimmy Bowen, Brock Bowen, and Carissa Schneider. He is also survived by his parents, Jimmy Evans and Shirlene Evans; and his sister, Melinda Mabile.
A memorial service is scheduled from 10 a.m. – noon on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016, at the Lockhart Church of Christ, 317 Blanco St., in Lockhart.


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