Cuero Gobblers bring rain to Lockhart scrimmage


By Alonzo Garza

Rain came pouring down during the scrimmage against Cuero at Lion Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 16.

It was only a matter of time before the approaching storm clouds surrounded the area with a darkness that weighed heavily on Lion Field.

Before the downpour, the Freshman teams hit the field at 5 p.m. They played with littl

e interference from the weather until the threat of lightning halted the game.

Within minutes after the referees stopped the playing, the rain clouds opened up and rained down hard as everyone scrambled for shelter. Players, coaches and fans waited for the rain to pass, which it did after 30 minutes.

The rain came and went throughout the rest of the games. With the field and most of the players completely drenched, the scrimmage continued after the lightning passed.

The JV game was also cut short because of lightning, but the teams played long enough to get a feel for what was going to be expected of them throughout the season. Both Cuero and Lockhart played well. Leaving nothing to chance, they hit their opponents hard every opportunity they got.

“The scrimmage with Cuero was a very good test for our Lions,” Head Coach Troy Moses said “It gave us an opportunity to see where we are as a team. The coaching staff saw a lot of great things happen Saturday night. We also saw a lot of places where we can improve. It was a good start to the 2008 season.”

“Coach Bustamante and his defensive staff have done a great job, “ Moses said. “We are very proud of the way the defense looked on Saturday. They flew around the field and played as one unit.”

Despite the rain delay and the threat of lightning, each team was determined to show their skills to their coaches during their games.

“We are very excited about the potential this team has showed us,” Moses said.

“The Freshman and JV look very promising as well. The most important part is that they are having fun playing the game and that is why we are here.”

According to Freshman assistant football coach Jose Falcon, the Freshman Lions also look good. They played well despite the distraction of the rain and lightning.

“The Freshman team had a good showing this past weekend,” Falcon said. “Two of the first ten offensive plays were broken for 50 plus runs. The first broke up the middle by Aurelio Garcia and Vonte Hedspeth ran the second down the right sideline. The defense also had a superb day.”

The Lockhart Lions play a scrimmage at Luling on Friday, Aug. 22. Freshmen play at 5 p.m., JV at 6 p.m. and the Varsity plays at 7 p.m.

See you at the game.


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