Letters – Reader questions uproar


To the Editor:
About the Lockhart High School name change – why such a freak out? I received an email stating that an immediate petition should be thrown into action in order to thwart efforts for changing the name of the local high school. The argument concerning the fact that a person would have to tell a person where they are from because the high school is named af

ter a man (Cisneros in specific) is completely arbitrary and an a waste of time.
First off, even if we do keep the name “Lockhart High School,” we still have to tell people where we are from. If you haven’t noticed – most people don’t really automatically gather our location on the map.
Secondly, after graduation, people aren’t going to ask which high school you graduated from, they’re going to ask WHERE you are from, in particular where you were BORN.
I’m a native to Lockhart, I’ve been here since birth, my family has owned numerous local businesses within this territory and I attended this school district from K – 12.
If someone wants to voice their opinion about a subject, I urge all of you to make sure it is truly something of importance, not just resisting change for the sake of resisting it.
Be rebellious against rules and regulations, tyrannical principles or corruption within our town’s representatives – not against a name change which honors a man such as Cisneros, who has served his time being a great servant to our country, state and town.
K. Montoya


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