Letters – Citizen thanks community for cattle wrangling efforts


To the Editor:

Last Thursday afternoon, we left the Lockhart Auction with our cows and had to drop all but two off at our barn, while the other two were to go to another place.

We pulled into the convenience store at Hwy 183 and FM 20 E to get a cold drink. Much to our surprise the young heifer was now standing in the parking lot! As we try to direct her to th

e trailer, several people are now there trying to help also.

Soon a Lockhart Police car is blocking traffic and the scared cow is running down FM 20 with cars dodging her. She turns into the field by Johnny Barron, and now there are three cars from the Sheriff’s Department herding her towards an open gate in Mr. Barron’s backyard.

No luck! Off she goes back up FM 20.

Now everyone is closing in on her, but a man on a four-wheeler comes out and ropes her. She is putting up a fight and Sgt. Larry Stanley wrestles her to the ground and is holding her when I arrive with the trailer.

This all occurred around 5:30 p.m. at a very busy intersection. It is amazing that there was not an accident.
Our law enforcement did an excellent job with the traffic and their assistance with capturing our escapee was invaluable.

I would like to thank William Templeton with the Lockhart Police Department, Sgt. Larry Stanley, Officer John Gonzales, Officer Eric Hainterlach, with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, the gentleman on the four wheeler, and other helpful people that came to assist.

Thanks to all of you.

Charlie Goggans


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