Letters – Former employee praises judge, board


To the Editor:
I read the article that Judge Raymond Deleon wrote on behalf of Judge M. Louis Cisneros, and I too agree that it has been so long over due.

As you all know I had the privilege of working for Judge Cisneras as his Chief Clerk for several years and a title I so loved and hold close to my heart. I know all the great accomplishments my esteemed ex-emp

loyer and dearest friend has, as I was the keeper of his autobiography. He is one of the few people in this world that does so much for his community and never expects admiration or gratitude in return.

Well it is time that he is shown all the gratitude we as a community hold for all he does and has done. Having worked directly for him I know he is one of the fairest and most caring persons. He treats and continues to treat everyone with such dignity and respect, to include all the young children that come before him for failure to attend school.

The hardest thing for me was resigning my position that I had held for some 17 years plus, however, he encouraged me to accept a position I was offered as a Municipal Court Judge, I did so, however; my heart was always with the Justice Court, Precinct One, of Caldwell County, Texas. I have had the pleasure of working for three awesome Judges, being George T. Miller, Judge Edward L. Jarrett and my dearest M. Louis Cisneros. How many others can top that?

He is one that always puts everyone else’s feelings first, will go out and beyond the call of duty to achieve the success of our children. As he always told them they are our future and one must learn to be a leader and not a followers. I still remember how pleased he would get to receive progress reports on some of the students that came in to see him. The students also in turn looked excited that Judge C, took the time too see them not as clients but, as potential leaders of this great community.

I thank the School Board for recognizing Judge M. Louis Cisneros and look forward to the future of Lockhart students and community coming as a whole. I no longer am in the Caldwell County area, as I moved to Dallas County, however, I enjoy still keeping in touch with Lockhart via internet.
Katy Ramirez


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