Letters – Reader compares gridiorn losses


To the Editor:

A Tale of Two Cities.

Both lost coaches, one city coming off a Bi-District Championship and their first playoff win in 37 years and the other city coming off a winless season. In one city the coach is just a distant memory. In the other, the coach is a very live exciting memory and with the team in every game.

The one coach relied on a gim

mick Slot “T” offense that grinded away at their opponents until the kids believed and victory was theirs. The other coach slowly but surely got the kids to grasp and believe in the “SPREAD.” The previous year was tough as they never got to taste victory and drink from the victor’s cup.

One city seemed to forget how nice it was to pull together and support their children and their town, while the other city came closer together as a result of the untimely death of their leader and coach. One city is wondering about what if and what might have been, while the other “knows” it is because of a single unity where they have become “one team with one purpose.”

As this Tale of Two cities ends for one, the other is writing a story for the ages. I would hope both of these cities show the love and support for their teams, coaches, and the towns where they live and call home.

We have no guarantees in life and we must try to live each day as it is our last, leave it all on the field and have no excuses or doubts when the gun sounds and there is no more time on the clock.

DEANO lives.
Clint Mohle
Lockhart High School ‘78


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