Grace and Mercy are simply amazing


It was cold and raining with the sun barely visible. I was standing by the window watching the downpour when my wife casually walked up behind me, placed her arms around me, snuggled close, while playfully saying, “I know something we can do to pass the time while it rains.” With a clever nod and a cheesy grin, I simply said. “Oh really…” To which she responded by saying, “Yes Sir, follow me.” And like a puppy dog I did.

I followed her right out to the back room where she started cleaning. Standing there just shaking my head, I knew she had trapped me good. “Well, you going to help?” Without saying a word, I just started picking stuff up and dusting. Two minutes into my chore, I go to move over a three-dimensional puzzle my grandson and wife put together when catastrophe struck. As most of the pieces fell to the ground I held my breath, waiting for the aftershocks to begin.

But, after a pause I realized the only one upset at this occurrence was me. My impatience with myself for a simple accident is rising. Stopping the foolishness of the self-blame game, I say, “Thank you Jesus for your mercy.” All the while continuing my task. Turning around towards me, my wife asks what I just said? “A simple prayer dear to help me get my thoughts back on track.”

“A Grammy Graham prayer?”

“Yes dear, a prayer I learned as a child.”

“Sounds good, you want to tell me that story while we clean?”

“Actually sweetheart, I’d love to share it. On a cold day, much like this one, when I was just a little boy I sat with my older brother and Grammy at the kitchen table while they put together a puzzle. I still hadn’t developed real good eye to hand coordination, so everything I did was a little shaky.

“Grammy, Bubbie won’t let me help put puzzle together.”

Little Timmy complained. All the while sticking his bottom lip out. “He keeps knocking them apart, Grammy!”

Bubbie quickly retorted, holding his hands above the table, guarding the puzzle. “Hmm, seems like we need help with more than puzzle pieces,” Grammy warmly stated. Then looking at Bubbie she asked, “Bubbie, do you know of a story that might help us remember how we should treat each other? Maybe the one about Grace and Mercy’s child.”

Thinking about it intensely Bubbie began, “Once there was a kid named Chosen. Chosen’s parents, Grace and Merc, loved him a whole bunch. Every day they thanked God as he grew. His mom Mercy held him while singing happy songs, like Jesus Loves Me. His Dad, Grace, showered him with love and discipline. One day Chosen strayed far from the safety of Mercy’s side to a scary place, a place his mom had warned him about, a jagged crumbling cliff. But he wasn’t scared at all! Look at what I’m doing! Momma Mercy was wrong. This place isn’t too bad he thought, while walking along. Suddenly without warning, the ground beneath his feet fell away. Chosen began to fall. He screamed, crying for help. Mercy was already coming to the rescue, when Chosen’s cry reached the ears of Grace. Instantly, Grace ran to Chosen, catching him. Grace, together with Mercy, then cleaned their Chosen, kissing away his hurts with healing salve. Then Chosen slept peacefully, for he knew that Grace and Mercy would always be there for him.”

“Very Good Bubbie,” Grammy said. Now can you tell your little brother how that story helps us?”

But before I could tell my wife the moral, according to Bubbie, she interrupted me. “How about you tell me what that story means to you.”

“Well dear, I am reminded by this simple story that God’s attributes, Grace and Mercy are constantly being poured upon His chosen. That God desires each of His children not only to receive these things but share them with each other. As for me specifically in this situation, I feel I must not only extend grace and mercy to others but accept grace for myself. When frustrations arise, whether they be large or small, if I don’t stop and acknowledge my need even if it’s just a quick prayer, I tend to let things build until the ground falls out from underneath me. I have learned over the years, that the way I feel about myself directs how I treat others. Knowing this, I am determined to push closer till I experience all that God my Father has to offer me. Even remembering His gifts by reciting a simple children’s prayer.”

Thank you Jesus for your mercy,

Thank you Jesus for your grace.

Heart and spirit walk together,

Following Love’s amazing ways.


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