Letters – Former Trustee responds to Banks’ ACC concerns


I find it amusing that I – of all people – am defending the Post-Register. During all the time I have been in Lockhart, the Post-Register, and LPR Staff, have been supporters and advocates of all levels of education.

I would like to respond to the Letter to the Editor submitted by Councilmember Banks. (Dec. 3, 2009). The reference to $5 being returned for every d

ollar invested is based on students graduating from ACC and working at higher paid jobs. If the jobs are not there you cannot have a return.

ACC is interested in receiving our tax dollars but there is no guarantee that a campus will ever be built in Caldwell County. Reading ACC”s report, there are 376 Caldwell County residents enrolled at ACC, 225 of which are dual credit students at Lockhart High.

This number will not attract a college campus of any kind.

Our resources need to be used for high school completion and to reduce the dropout rate.

ACC has the presentation given to the City Council on it”s web site and no where does it say that a campus will be built in Caldwell County if we join the ACC district and accept the tax increase.

Approximately five years ago, we went through this very process: a committee was appointed and all the players in Caldwell County were represented. If I remember correctly, there were about 30 members on this committee and the Lockhart Post Register provided excellent coverage.

When ACC would not commit to a campus the group unwound like a ball of string and the end came.

The school district has many needs before we should ever consider an additional .10 cent levy on property tax for ACC that would in effect only drop tuition rates for a small number of students. We need a new high school campus and other things the Board of Trustees may have to initiate a bond election for.

Mr. Banks, before we start taking shots and vilifying folks, let”s do our homework about the needs of our County, city and schools. What tax money we have needs to stay here and move us forward, not sent off to be used in Austin.

Students have many opportunities for higher education, Texas State, TSTC even ACC.

Read the Texas Education Code: If LISD provides the space ACC can charge the in-district tuition. ACC receives state financing ; work with Patrick Rose and Glenn Hagar to make ACC charge in District rates for all Texas residents.

There are ways to approach this without sending our precious tax dollars out of the County.

Work together to find solutions, don”t create bad feeling by taking pot shots.
John Manning


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