From the Sidelines – Spring has sprung!


By Alonzo Garza

Spring has sprung and what have you done?
I, for one, have done nothing around my house or my yard and the guilt is killing me. Sort of.
The truth is, I don”t know how to feel. I think I”m still dealing with adjusting my inner clock with the “spring forward” time change.
Here”s the problem. Well, it really isn”t a

problem, but more of a way for me to continue rationalizing my current lack of interest in the yard and all the weeds that have invaded it.
Last weekend was Easter, so not counting the extra time it took to attend all the special church services, it was a pretty busy weekend. First we had to get ready for Easter, then we had to celebrate Easter and finally we had to clean up after Easter. I”m getting tired just thinking about it.
The weekend before we were winding down from a supposed “Spring Break” (I think I covered more games during Spring Break than I do on any given week). And the weekend before that we were getting ready to go on Spring Break. Preparing to go somewhere, anywhere, when you have as many children as I have is a task in itself.
Anyway, I”m boring myself. Let”s get back to the original question, which should have been, “spring has sprung, and now what will you do to celebrate new life and its endless possibilities?” or something like that.
Here is what I suggest. Enjoy every single day. Do what you can to get yourself in a positive frame of mind and remember to, “let go and let God.” I know the old adage has turned into a cliché of sorts, but it really works. All you have to do is believe in yourself and your God, and be proactive in keeping your spirits high.
I mean, come on. Look around you. You are surrounded by tons of blessings and if you look closely, you may find yourself in each and every one of them. God knows what he is doing so let Him work on you.
I am blessed to have my wonderful family. Sounds cheesy I know, but it truly is the little things that count. I am continually reminded about the miraculous gift of life when I see my children growing right before my eyes. They, like the weeds on my lawn, have an irrepressible will to live life to the fullest. They are blooming into beautiful human beings.
It is important to for all of us to take our cue from nature. Everything is sprouting now. All living things are growing green and tall. They are reaching for the skies. They bask in the sunshine and flutter in the wind with glee.
Who wouldn”t want to be a tree in spring?
Easter is about resurrection, renewal and rebirth. Get out there and live. Look at things with new eyes, listen with new ears and open your minds to new things. Feel free to express yourself in new ways. Let your inner child out for a walk. Start doing instead of dreaming. Start moving instead of wishing. Live. Just live.
I think I need to start wrapping this up. I just get excited. Some would say carried away, but its alright. I”d rather be thought of as “too enthusiastic” than as “not enthusiastic enough.”
Anyway, back to where we started. Please get out and enjoy these next few days before the scorching heat of summer keeps you hold up inside your house. Get outside and enjoy the blooming flowers and sprouting trees and be grateful you have sight. Thank God for giving you a new day and do your best to show Him you appreciate it.
That”s all for now. I have to step outside for a while.


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