Democratic Party celebrates local wins


Christa Catchings


Early Tuesday evening, volunteers from the Democratic Party drove around the downtown area proudly displaying all their candidates’ signs in hopes to reach the eyes of last minute voters.

Many Caldwell County residents and local Lockhart people from both sides of the political spectrum have become accustomed to this ty

pe of behavior on Election Day.

The democrats started gaining more steam after the results were posted from early election. One of their wins was in the race for County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3.

Early voting results showed that Neto Madrigal had a small lead with 450 (50.05 percent) votes to George House’s 449 (49.94 percent) votes.

When the final papers were taped up to the glass windows of the Tax Assessor’s Office, Madrigal and his campaign supporters celebrated after they read he won. Madrigal won with 1433 (53.89 percent) of the votes, compared to George House’s 1226 (46.10 percent) votes.

“I have been looking forward to taking on this job and I want to start doing everything that I told the public I would do,” said Madrigal, after he was deemed the winner.

The other County Commissioner race for Precinct No.1 showed that Herb Schulze was trailing Tom Bonn by 277 (12.91 percent) votes after the early votes were tallied. The race ended up staying on Bonn’s side and the republican candidate won with 1775 (54.01 percent) of the votes and while Schulze ended with 1511 (45.98 percent) of the votes.

Herb Schulze could not be reach for comment regarding his race for County Commissioner, Precinct No. 1.

Looking for the anticipated win for sheriff, early voting results showed that Daniel Law was in the lead with 3660 (63.55 percent) votes compared to Shad McIntosh’s 2099 (36.44 percent) votes.

Hours after the early votes were counted and posted one could have seen the democratic candidate for Sheriff and his wife standing outside of the Tax Assessor’s Office awaiting the final votes. On top of the late night election results, the sheriff and his wife had to worry about the late night for their children.

Law won the sheriff race with 7523 (66.32 percent) votes and helped add another win to the democrat column. Law’s opponent Shad McIntosh ended up with 3820 (33.67 percent) votes.

After Law was deemed the winner he said that he was glad it was over and was ready to get back to work. “There is no preparation for what an election can hold, for myself or any candidate,” reflected Law on his feelings about this election.

Despite the major wind it turned cold for the Democratic Party.

In the race for District Judge, 421st Judicial District early votes showed Republican Todd Blomerth ahead of his opponent Barbara Molina. The early votes were 3491 (60.75 percent) for Blomerth and 2255 (39.24 percent) for Molina.

“I am not scared about the early votes. I feel there is a strong chance with the rest of the regular election voting,” said Molina after the early votes showed her behind Blomerth by 20 percent.

Later in the night Molina and her campaign supporters celebrated at the Tax Assessor’s Office based on a possible leak showing results in her favor. However, the results were unconfirmed results.

“Overall, this experience was a positive one, and I think each candidate was focused and had a clean campaign,” said Molina after the final results were showed that her victory celebration was premature.

Molina ended up with 5064 (44.75 percent) votes and Blomerth’s had 1186 more votes with a total 6250 (55.24 percent) of the votes.

Later Molina walked over to Blomerth and congratulated him. “I wished I had more time to campaign,” Molina said, but “I know I ran a good race and I was not disappointed with my campaign or my supporters.”


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