Blomerth leads local Republicans to victory


By LPR Staff


Caldwell County Republicans gathered in small groups, waiting patiently while the fate of the county, the state and the nation hung in the balance.

Tuesday night”s election yielded only a few surprises for Caldwell County Republicans on the campaign trail.

Incumbent District Judge Todd Blomerth”s victory over

hopeful Barbara Molina marked the Republican party”s most resounding victory in a local, contested race.

Blomerth, who waited for election returns at his home, surrounded by family and friends, was jovial, but reserved while waiting for results. He joked about his political signs being vandalized. He thanked his guests for their support. If he felt like the election was in the bag after early voting totals were released, he didn”t let on.

After final results were released, it was determined that Blomerth had won the election with 6,250 votes to Molina”s 5,064.

“I”m absolutely happy,” Blomerth said. “My position transcends political party, but it is a deep honor to have been elected by such a margin in a county that is traditionally Democratic.”

Blomerth said he felt as though he had support from both sides of the political aisle from all over the county.

According to Blomerth”s campaign, he intends to continue the work he began when he was confirmed to the bench in February. That work includes reducing the backlog of civil and criminal cases on his docket, working in concert with local agencies to protect the rights of children and families and continuing to be available to sign emergency orders.

In a much tighter race, Republican Tom Bonn beat incumbent Herb Schulze and will be named Caldwell County”s Commissioner for Precinct One. When all votes had been reported, Bonn earned 1,775 votes, just over 54 percent, while Schulze earned only 1,511.

“The like value system of the conservative voter put me in office,” Bonn said. Bonn added that he is among the few Republican candidates that have been elected to countywide office in Caldwell County. He credited that change to an evolution to a true two-party system in the county.

“Now the real work begins,” he said. He plans to take a proactive stance on industry, economic development and county services. “The reason that I was in this race is to represent the people of the community.”

Two local Republicans were thwarted in their quest for office.

George House, who trailed opponent Neto Madrigal by one vote after early results were released, was unable to pull ahead. Madrigal won the election with 1,433, nearly 54 percent of the vote. House”s 1,226 votes totaled just over 46 percent.

“It was worth it,” House said. “I was able to get some ideas out there, and now I”ll try to get them heard in another way.”

House said he was surprised by the loss, but impressed with the voter turnout and the general interest in the race.

Caldwell County Sheriff candidate Shad McIntosh was of the same mind.

“I got the information out,” he said. “Looking at the numbers, people were listening, and they”re tired of “business as usual.”” McIntosh said he is looking forward to putting the campaign trail behind him and returning his focus to his job as a police officer.


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