Dorothy Moore


Dorothy Harrison Moore, better known as just “Dot” or “Mama Dot” to friends and family, was a tiny woman – but when she died in December, she left behind a huge footprint on those who knew and loved her.

Born and raised in Frost, Texas, Dot lived the last 50 of her 87 years in Hays and Caldwell counties.

She taught government at Lockhart High School in the 1960s a

nd 1970s. Later she managed the trade books section of Colloquium Books in San Marcos and was a copy editor at the Hays Free Press between Buda and Kyle.

Well before “liberated” women were common, Dot worked as an aide in the Texas Legislature and earned a bachelor’s before marrying, and finished her master’s degree in Politcial Science while raising a family.

Much of Dot’s adult life was spent in Maxwell, where she accomplished her proudest work: rearing four daughters, to whom she was a devoted mother. For nearly 50 years she was married to John L. Moore, who taught agriculture at Southwest Texas State College. They lived in various rural towns across Texas while John worked for the SCS before settling in Maxwell.

John and Dot grew up together in Frost, where her father was superintendent of schools and a hero to both. The kids grew up friends but didn’t date until after graduating and corresponding while John served in the Pacific in World War II. Courtship began after the War; they married in 1947.

A life-long advocate of quality education, freedom of speech and religion, and civic engagement, although somewhat introverted, Dot could be fiercely outspoken, using skills honed on the Frost High debate team. She voted in every election after becoming old enough to cast a ballot and had a “Proud to be a Democrat” sticker on her door when she died at home in Maxwell, under Hope Hospice care, surrounded

by her daughters, two days before Christmas.

In her final years, Dot endured a difficult illness with a mixture of stubbornness and grace, made possible in great part by devoted caregivers Rosa Resendez and

Vicky Ybarra.

Ms. Moore is survived by daughters, Kay Moore and Fred Edmiston, of San Marcos, Anne and George Grant, and grandsons Clayton and Drew, of Austin, Jane Moore, of Maxwell, and former husband Kenny Scheffer, and Jill Moore, of Bay City. She is also survived by brother Doug Harrison and wife, Kay, and their children, Carol and Steve.

The family plans a farewell tribute Saturday, Jan. 14, at Maxwell Ebenezer Lutheran Church Education Building at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to the Frost High School Library (c/o Frost HS, 208 N. Wyrick, Frost, Texas 76641), local Habitat for Humanity, or charity of your choice.


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