Efforts continue to save State Park Pool


By LPR Staff

While the summer swimming season draws near, the fate of the Lockhart State Park Pool remains uncertain, despite the efforts of a dedicated group of local residents.
“Of course it”s a fun place to swim, but it”s important that the pool stay open for a number of reasons,” said Friends representative Dorothy Labermeyer. “W

ithout the pool, the number of visitors to the State Park will drop dramatically… After all, they can drive 30 miles down the road to Bastrop State Park (which has a swimming pool) and drop their money there.”
The Friends of the Lockhart State Park entered an agreement with Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) to allow the group to attempt to raise enough money to keep the pool open. The Friends of the Lockhart State Park will have to raise $15,000 by April 24 to ensure that the pool will open this year. If the group fails to meet the goal, the pool will not open.
State Park Manager Jay Hess is hopeful that the group will meet their goal, and has begun the process of hiring lifeguards in the event the pool is allowed to open.
“The State requires that we advertise the jobs locally, and I have to have the positions filled by May 1, if the pool is going to be open,” he said. “By going ahead and advertising the positions, I can make sure that I have people lined up to fill the positions if [the Friends] raise the money.”
Labermeyer said that the group has hosted several fundraisers, with more to come.
“So far, the group has raised more than $5,000 for the cause,” she said. “Many people have, when they find out about this, reached into their pockets. Our next push is to ask businesses in Lockhart to sponsor the pool.”
Donations for the Lockhart State Park Pool are being accepted into an account at American National Bank at 501 S. Colorado in Lockhart.


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