Elsie Forbes (Croley) Germer


Elsie Forbes (Croley) Germer passed to Jesus Christ’s Arms on December 30, 2023. She was born as the oldest daughter to James and Anita Forbes in Dallas, Texas on June 13, 1934 during the difficult depression. She outlived her siblings James, Alvin, Betty Ruth, Anita, Leroy and Parents. She lived a tough life as a child working in the fields and taking care of her younger siblings. She learned the ways of nature and existing off what nature provided. She also learned how to cook and sew before the age of 6. The first small dress that she sewed was for her Dolly that someone else had thrown in the garbage. She later gave this dress to her Mom to bury her pre mature sister in a shoe box in the field. Her parents were strong Lutherans and stressed the importance of education even though they did not have High School Diplomas themselves.
Elsie’s life was constantly moving from one school to another as her Father looked for work. In the early 1950’s she came to Maxwell, Texas where she found her eternal sole mate Laverne (Sonny) Richard Germer. She waited for him to return from the Korean War as Bronze Star Hero. They married in Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Maxwell Texas where she will have her Memorial Service on February 10, 2024 at 11am.
In 1954 their son Richard was born while living in Maxwell, Texas where they owned a Beer Joint and Pool Hall. Sonny and Elsie moved to Agua Dulce, Texas where Sonny went to work for United Gas. In 1957 Gregg was born.
Life took a terrible turn in April 1959 as a result of drunk driver in rural country side near Aqua Dulce, Texas. Elsie found herself a widow with no car, no phone, unemployed, no formal training of any kind, the mumps, and possibly pregnant. Elsie was only 24 years old in 1959 with her two sons ages 1 and 4. The Doctors told her to purchase two more coffins because neither child would live plus if the younger child would live he would be a “vegetable” due to extreme head injuries. Elsie’s strong will power told the Doctors according to witness’ with a bit of strong language (Her own sons never heard her use bad language until they were in college.) She would not allow her sons to die and they would grow up to be healthy, educated, young men. She kept her word.
Elsie used her faith in God, seamstress and cooking abilities, understanding of nature, bartering skills to care for Richard and Gregg. Her Pecan Pies and seam stress abilities were used for bartering to get down payment on a home to getting special tutoring for her sons as needed.
Elsie and her sons shared a special secret. She had both sons having read the King James Version of the Bible and their Math Tables before they started the 1st Grade. The sons were told to keep this a secret and they did. She spent hours everyday as part of their life having them read and practice Math through Elementary School Years.
Elsie instilled into her sons the importance of an Education by having them doing hard manual labor in the Fields so that they would know the importance of getting a college education. They did and received degrees in Accounting and Engineering. In areas that she did not know she made sure that they were exposed to people that could teach them these skills. This includes business skills to how to catch a rattlesnake to milk for venom to sell.
Elsie made sure that her sons understood God in their lives, Formal and Informal Education and Working hard to achieve your goals despite what life places at your door. She did this while being nice to everyone and volunteering in service to your community. She received various awards in Scouting and other volunteer efforts related to Patriotism so much so that She was recognized as Humanitarian of the Year.
Elsie’s son Gregg passed before her death. Elsie is survived by Denise Germer (Gregg’s Spouse), Richard (Olga Germer), Grandsons Anthony (Christine), Gregg Jr (Holly), Christopher Germer and Step-grandson Miguel Miranda (Elvia) and her Great Grand Children. Aunt Elsie has many nephews and nieces literally from coast to coast as well as extended Family in Mexico City who will miss her.
She was also married to Charles Croley for about 40 years. She had step son Curtis Croley (Becky Weaver) and their Grandchildren and the extended Croley Family who will also miss her. We ask that instead of Flowers that Donations be Made to Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Maxwell, Texas or your Local American Legion Post.


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