Five arrested in local drug raid


Two warrants pending
By LPR Staff

Nearly six weeks of investigation resulted in five arrests and two pending drug warrants on Monday evening.
According to Lockhart”s Chief of Police Mike Lummus, a search warrant was issued for a residence on North Church Street around 8 p.m. on Monday. A small amount of crack cocaine was found

at the residence, and two suspects, one male and one female were taken into custody.
Three additional arrests on charges of Delivery of a Controlled Substance were made in connection with the investigation, although the three male suspects were not at the residence at the time of the search, Lummus said.
“We took the investigation as far as we could in the last several weeks,” Lummus said. “We felt we were ready to get warrants to pick the suspects up.”
This is the first drug investigation of this magnitude since Lummus took the reins of the Lockhart Police Department in April. However, he said he hopes to focus more department attention on drug traffic in Lockhart in the coming months.
“Under this investigation, we made these five arrests, and we have two more warrants for suspects we haven”t picked up yet,” he said. He also hopes the arrests will lead to further investigations.
“This investigation and the search went very well,” he said. “No one was injured and everything went as planned.”
If you have information about drug activity in your area, contact the Lockhart Police Department at 398-4401.


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