Luling resident helping bring much-needed water to those in need


By Kristen Meriwether, Editor LPR

Heraclio “Hercules” Gonzalez, owner of Hercules Concrete Construction, was without water for three days. On Feb. 17 he was finally able to repair the equipment at his home and begin to draw water from his well. 

That night he filled up the 225 gallon tank he normally uses for his construction business and went to his sister-in-law’s house to deliver non-potable water for their animals and family. Seeing how helpful the gesture was, he decided to offer the much-needed water to anyone in need—free of charge. 

Gonzalez posted on his company’s Facebook page at 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 17: “Hello !! It’s been a tuff few days !! We’d like to help out with water if your in need of some !! THIS IS NOT DRINKING WATER!! This is well water !!This is for your basic necessities ( washing dishes, toilets ) I don’t have a huge water tank ( please be patient) but if your in need please PM me !!”

He got up early on Feb. 18 and began making deliveries. When LPR spoke with him just before noon he had already emptied his tank four times. Two grateful ranchers used the service to get water to their horses and cattle, and the rest was to help serve residents in his hometown of Luling.  

Gonzalez reported residents brought five gallon buckets to fill up bathtubs so they could flush their toilets, wash dishes, and give water to pets. 

“We’ve all been in a place where we need help,” Gonzalez said in a phone interview with LPR. “If someone needs help and you have something to help with, offer it.”

Gonzalez said his list was already 4-5 people long and his phone was beeping with messages. He said he didn’t have any plans for stopping. 

“If you need help, PM me, send me a message, and I’ll put you on the list and I’ll get to you when I can,” Gonzalez said. “Just be patient. I don’t have a big tank, but we will make our way out there.”

LPR asked if he was worried about road conditions, but Gonzalez said it hadn’t been too bad so far. He said if it did get bad, he would take the proper precautions to be safe. 

“It’s something I feel every community should do, just help each other out when you can. It makes it easier,” Gonzalez said. “When everyone comes together and helps each other out, it’s a beautiful thing.”


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