From the Sidelines – ‘Atta way, Hardaway! Way to bring the Lions back!


What a difference a game makes. The Lions went back to basics during their “must win” game against the Lehman Lobos at Bob Shelton Stadium on Friday night and boy, did they deliver.

The Lions went back to keeping the ball on the ground and found great success with the help of a recuperated Dominique Hardaway, who rushed for 146 yards with 29 carries during the nig


It was also evident the team’s defeatist attitude after losing three straight games had changed for the better. Players seemed genuinely engaged and positively cheered each other on during the entire game.

The Lions returned to a head on, tour de force that kept Hardaway busy, especially during the second half. This helped the team regain their composure and build a momentum that led them to the final 21-14 victory over the Lobos.

It was an exciting game, especially in the second half. The game and its outcome was the polar opposite of the Elgin game in which the Lions came out flat and never recovered. The team’s lack of enthusiasm and frequent tantrums by some players during the Elgin game kept them from focusing solely on the game and it cost them dearly.

The Lehman game, on the other hand, was a thing of beauty. Although it started with the Lions trailing the Lobos 7-0, the team never lost hope and kept focused on the task at hand.

It was the kind of football Lion fans love to see. It is the kind of football all of Lockhart would love to see this Friday against Manor.

As hard as it is to admit, the Lions are in a tight spot. The District 17 4-A standings have them in fifth place with Elgin dead last.

The district standings are as follows: Del Valle 4-0 (8-1), Hays 3-1 (3-6), Manor 2-2 (2-7), Lehman 1-3 (5-4), Lockhart 1-3 (4-5) and Elgin 1-3 (2-7).

The Lions will host the Manor Mustangs in the last home game before playoffs on Friday, Nov. 6. It is bound to be a great game since the Lions are in a “do or die” situation and, if last week’s performance against Lehman is any indication of the kind of football we can expect, Lion fans are in for a treat.

See you at the game.


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