Letters – Area resident speaks out against Emerald


To the Editor:
I did not attend the Dale/Lytton Springs meeting about the proposed detention center because I didn”t know about it, but I sure am glad that Emerald withdrew their plan to be located on 1854. I am sure that the meeting got volatile and unkempt, but you must understand that the neighbors” reaction was volatile. I live on 1854, and I sure did not want the

detention center to be built. I probably would have been a bit volatile myself.
I love my backroads drive from 1854, then right on 672 to Lockhart which I take at least once or twice a week with lovely woods and fields, where buses take children, where no one should ever allow prison guards to go there daily as well. And I hope this drive will always remain delightful rather than other prisons or sad facilities to ever take their toll.
And I don”t believe you really mean that progress of any kind if a good thing – that money in itself is good. Really now!
“Progress” is abstract — “progress” might mean degeneration of the mind or doldrums of the spirit — and it certainly would be if guards were hired and hatred of particular migrants were augmented along with other possible prisoners. Surely other happier, possibilities are thinkable for community-minded citizens — if nothing else, fields of hay and cattle which already are there.
After all, it”s the country, and that suits many of us fine and dandy.
Pat Littledog


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