From the Sidelines – Let’s get ready for some football!!


Let’s get ready for some football!
The new school year has started, the summer practices and the scrimmages are over and it is now time to get fired up about the football season at hand.
The Lockhart Lions are ready for some football and all they need to help them compete successfully are some serious Lion fans.
Having said that, I am compelled to ask a s

illy question. Where are all the Lion fans?
If the recent sports rally and scrimmages were any indication of the amount of fans that are going to be supporting the Lions, then I have to say Lockhart need to have a Lion fan recruitment drive.
From what I have seen, it is only parents and family members along with other athletes that have been present at the recent scrimmages and the opposing teams usually out number them.
Maybe everyone is waiting for a “real” football game. If that is the case, then Friday’s first regular season game against the La Grange Leopards is a perfect opportunity for Lion fans to come out and show their spirit.
There should be an all out effort to get the community involved in the cheering and supporting of the local teams. Volleyball has been underway for a couple of weeks now. Football is starting tomorrow night. The school year and the season have taken off and now it is time for the community to take part in the success of the Lion teams.
Last May I wrote, “Everybody loves a winner” in response to great support the softball team had been getting from the Lion fans after the Lady Lions got closer to a chance at a playoff game. I was surprised by the amount of fans that grew with each game and wondered where all those fans had been at the beginning of the season. I also noticed the big difference cheering fans made to the player’s efforts during a game and I could not help but wonder how far the teams could have gone had they had a huge wave of fans cheering them on from the beginning.
I guess what I am saying is that if Lockhart got behind the local teams from the start, the positive wave of enthusiasm may get the teams further on in the season.
This is just a friendly reminder, an invitation to all Lion fans to join in from the very beginning of the season and follow through with their commitment to cheering on the teams.
Your presence will be greatly appreciated by the Lion and Lady Lion teams this year.
The Lockhart Lions are ready to go. They just need a ready and willing, loud cheering section pushing them forward.
The Varsity Lions face the Leopards on Friday, Aug 29. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Leopard Stadium on 820 Vail St. in La Grange.
I hope to see ALL of you at the games this season.


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