Letters – Hill thanks community for support


To the Editor:

It has been almost four months since I returned to Japan from my one-year tour flying Mi-17

helicopters with the Afghan Air Force. I am very happy to report that re-integration with my wife and two daughters has been very smooth; a testament to the family values held by Cameron, my wonderful wife, as well as the outpouring of support shown to my entire fami

ly throughout the year. But no place could ever match the welcome we received from Lockhart when my family came home for 15 days of R&R in July.

I was moved by the generosity, motivated by the appreciation, and humbled by the gratitude that Lockhart citizens expressed to me, my family and our military. I would particularly like to thank my mother and father (Jack and Beverly Hill) and my brothers and sisters-in-law (Alan and Lupe, Cliff and Tracy) and all the family and friends that made our visit a wonderful experience. I would also like to thank the Erikson Family, the members of the Grace Baptist Church, and the Class of ‘90. Your friendship, generosity and show of support, and that offered by the entire city, reminded me to perform my duty well and faithfully.

Thank you, Lockhart!

Major Destry R. Hill

438th Air Expeditionary Advisor Squadron


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