Letters – Readers rally to save State Park


To the Editor:

Wake up people! We can’t let them do this to us: the Lockhart State Park is the only State Park in Caldwell County! Yes, it’s the only public park for miles and miles around that offers natural wildlife,  natural beauty, hiking, golfing, swimming, recreation for children, and much more. This is not a private park, but a public park that was built in the

1930s with public money. How can they close down something that belongs to everyone? We can’t let them: we have to fight back.

By definition, the Lockhart State Park is one of the jewels of Caldwell County, all 263 acres of it. The wildlife include deer, turkeys, hawks, and many other types of birds. My wife and I very much enjoy hiking on the trails; it’s peaceful and we always see and hear so much native wildlife. We go at least twice a week, sometimes three times a week.

The Lockhart State Park has the only staff-operated course in the Texas State Park System. There are campsites with water, electricity and sewer (which is rare for a Texas State Park). How could they close it down? Why would they even want to? Because Caldwell County does not have a high per-capita income or big city populations: the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department does not think that there will be any resistance. We can’t let them do that to us.

It would be an absolute tragedy if the Lockhart State Park was closed down, so speak out! Make your voice heard!

Thank you for your help, and God bless.


Michael Laird



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