Fugitives arrested in weeklong sweep


By LPR Staff

Caldwell County officers participated last month in a national fugitive apprehension initiative that required weeks of preparation and netted 14 arrests.
Operation FALCON (Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally), an annual sweep organized under the U.S. Marshals Service’s Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, focused att

ention on a cooperative effort between the Marshals Service and the many law enforcement agencies statewide that participate in the Fugitive Task Force. Operation FALCON focused on gang members and sex offenders, with special attention given to parole and probation violators and violent felons. The sweep ran from June 23 – 27, and resulted in over 1,000 arrests across Texas.
According to Sgt. Paul Cowan, the public information officer for the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, deputies from Caldwell County spent two weeks preparing for the operation, attempting to verify addresses and other locations of more than 30 parole and probation violators with Caldwell County ties.
On June 26, Cowan said, five teams made up of Caldwell County deputies and Federal Marshals attempted to make contact with those individuals, and to arrest many of the wanted persons residing in the county. Approximately 25 officers participated in the Caldwell County sweep and arrested four people as a direct result of their efforts.
Cowan said through the course of FALCON week, another ten individuals were arrested by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.
“Operation FALCON clearly demonstrates the selfless contribution of our law enforcement partners in an effort to bring fugitives to account for their actions as well as contributing in making our communities safer,” said Lafayette Collins, U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Texas.
If you have information about a crime or a fugitive from justice in your area, contact the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 398-6777 or dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.


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