‘Guardian’ celebrates first birthday


The Caldwell County Guardian Shopper, Caldwell County”s only postal-verified, mass-distributed publication, will celebrate its first anniversary this week.
First introduced on Aug. 6, 2004, the Guardian Shopper offers both readers and advertisers the benefit of the most comprehensive market coverage available in Caldwell County.
In addition to partnering with the

Lockhart Post-Register to offer readers 133 years of reporting excellence and community connection, the Guardian Shopper brings the added benefit of being delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, free of charge, to nearly 9,000 homes each week.
For readers, the Guardian Shopper gives community news highlights, classified advertising and retail display information. For advertisers, the Guardian Shopper provides complete market saturation, allowing their message to reach nearly 13,000 homes in Caldwell County.
This year, the Guardian Shopper will increase free coverage, bringing Luling, Harwood, Prairie Lea, Fentress and Martindale under the umbrella of distribution. This change ensures that the Caldwell County Guardian Shopper and Lockhart Post-Register are the only publications with enough verified circulation to serve every reader and advertiser in Caldwell County.
“Thanks to all of our advertisers and our readers,” said Dana Garrett, the president of Garrett Publishing and the publisher of the Guardian Shopper and the Post-Register. “You have made our first year a wonderful success.”
The Garrett Publishing looks forward to continuing to serve Caldwell County for years to come and using every resource available to provide excellent service to every resident of Caldwell County.


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