Helmuth Dyer


Helmuth Kinner Dyer passed away three days after his 91st birthday on Sunday, May 27, 2007. He is survived by his daughter, Sue Alice Dyer Strein, and his two sons, Charles Richard Dyer and John Lawrence (“Larry”) Dyer. Mrs. Strein and her husband Gerald have three children, Michael John Strein, Karen Elaine Strein Grant, and Nancy Lynn Strein. Michael and his wife Susan Di

Giovanna Strein have two daughters, Heather and Marisa. Charles has a stepdaughter by his wife Roberta Monroe, Christina Leanne Floyd who has two sons, Dylan Floyd Miller and Joseph Floyd, and one daughter, Annabelle Floyd Dickson. John Lawrence has an adopted son, Jonathan.
Helmuth Dyer was married to Sue Anne Stone Dyer from Dec. 29, 1934, until she died on Oct. 9, 2004, just a couple of months shy of their 70th anniversary. Everyone who knew them remember their love and fondness for each other, which was reflected in their warmth and generosity toward others.
Helmuth Dyer was a letter carrier with the U. S. Post Office for 22 years in St. Louis, Mo., and San Antonio, Texas. When the Post Office became the U.S. Postal Service in 1964 and dropped the patronage requirement, Mr. Dyer became one of the first new supervisors to earn his rank entirely through merit.
Both Helmuth and his wife Sue Anne were artistic and creative. Helmuth played both piano and organ. Sue played piano and was a tap and ballet dancing instructor. Helmuth played organ and directed the church choir for several congregations. Sue and Helmuth sometimes played duets on the piano and organ for their church choir. In later years Sue and Helmuth moved to Lockhart where Helmuth played the organ at the First Christian Church. Sue was also known for her poetry, which was often published in newspapers and church magazines. Both took up painting in their later years.
Helmuth and Sue wished for a college education, but were deprived by the Great Depression, when Helmuth had to work to support their extended family. (Sue later earned an A.A. degree through night school in her 50s.) The Dyers stressed education to their children as a means of both a cultured life and a better choice of careers. Sue Alice earned a B.A., an M.A., and several advanced certifications and had a satisfying career as a teacher. Charles earned a B.A., an M.A., a J.D. (law degree) and an M.L.S. (library science) and enjoyed a career as a law professor and law library director. Larry earned a B.A., an M.A., an M.S.W. (social work) and a Ph.D. He had a career first as a social worker, including agency director and then as a professor of social work, which he still is. Sue Alice was also able to instill the value of an education in her three children, all of whom have college degrees and illustrious careers. Thus, Helmuth and Sue were able to see their dearly held beliefs passed on to their children and grandchildren.
A visitation was held from 5 – 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 3, 2007 at the Eeds Funeral Home Chapel. Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m., Monday , June 4 at the Eeds Funeral Home with Rev. Randy Frye officiating. Burial followed at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.
All arrangements with Eeds Funeral Home, 408 South Main, Lockhart, Texas 78644. (512) 398-2343.


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