Junior High Lady Lion battled Dahlstrom on court


8th grade “A”
The Lady Lions’ 8th grade “A” team faced Dahlstrom on Thursday, Jan. 27, to only suffer from another loss, 28-57.
The Lady Lions put up a tough fight against Dahlstrom making 14 steals and grabbing 20 defensive rebounds.
Karoline Pfefferkorn pulled down 16 rebounds for Lockhart, with 10 defensive and six offensive boards.

sively, the Lady Lions struggled to add points to the scoreboard. However, they grabbed 19 offensive rebounds.
Scoring for Lockhart was Pfefferkorn with eight points, Alyson Gonzales with six, Victoria Aguilar with nine, Chelsy Martinez with two, Sydney Porter with two and Jannah Platt with a free throw.
“I am proud of the how well the girls held their composure during this game,” Coach Stephanie Roberts said. “This was a fight, a fight for pride and dignity. Not a fight to see who could out score who. These Lady Lions are full of heart and determination, no matter the circumstance they are in.
“On a daily basis, I become more and more proud to be associated with such upstanding young ladies. In this game versus Dahlstrom, the game that determined pride and dignity, the Lady Lions reigned victorious,” said Roberts.
The Lady Lions will match up against Barton on their home court Thursday, Feb. 3, at 6:30 p.m.

(Courtesy of Stephanie Roberts)

8th grade “B”
The Lady Lions’ 8th grade “B” team took sweet revenge on the Dahlstrom Lady Mustangs Thursday, Jan. 27, escaping with a 34-30 victory.
The Lady Lions came out of the gate strong, establishing a quick 7-point lead three minutes into the first quarter. Dahlstrom responded, scoring four baskets to gain an 8-7 lead. At the end of the period, the Lady Lions had a slim 9-8 advantage.
The Lady Lions struggled in the second quarter, and trailed at halftime 15-18. The tide turned in the third quarter, when, as usual, the Lady Lions came out strong.
Britney Johnson, who had several steals and rebounds, led the Lady Lions. Vanessa Gonzales ended the period with a beautiful steal, and an assist to Johnson under the basket.
The fourth quarter was much the same, as the Lady Lions played strong defense, and ran their half court offense to near perfection.
Kassie Parrish started a 7-point run for Lockhart with a steal. She was fouled on the lay up, and converted one of her two free throws.
Heather Domel stepped up in the final period, scoring six crucial points for the Lady Lions. When the team needed a basket, Domel was there to convert. Lockhart built a 12-point lead from there, led by Domel, and held off a late game surge by Dahlstrom to escape with a 34-30 victory.
Britney Johnson led the team with 10 points, five rebounds, and four steals. Domel followed with eight points, while Vanessa Gonzales chipped in six points, four steals, and two assists.
“The girls have two remaining games, and they will be hard to beat,” Coach LeAnn Sibley said.
They play the Barton Bobcats on Thursday, Feb. 3, at home. The Lady Lions beat them back on Dec. 13 with 45-22 advantage.
(Courtesy of LeAnn Sibley)
7th Grade “B”
The Lady Lions’ 7th grade “B” team collected their second loss of the season Thursday, Jan. 27, against Dahlstrom Middle School. The Lady Lions fought hard to the end, but came up short 21-24.
The Lions were up by three points at the half, but couldn’t hold on. In the last 20 seconds of the game the Lions tried to shoot a three pointer, but their effort was unsuccessful.
“The girls played an awesome game and I am truly proud of their effort,” Coach Alisha Homann said.
Scoring for Lockhart were Andrea McKinney and Kelsey Daily with six points, Brittany Joseph with two, Jocelyn Coleman with two, Christina Knudsen with two, Jackie White with two, and Ashley Koehler with a free throw.
Outstanding defense came from Cortney Ferris, Audrey Valdez, and Kaela Amirkabirian.
The Lady Lions are now 6-2 in district and 8-2 overall. The Lions will host Barton Middle School Thursday, Feb. 2, at 5:30 p.m.
(Courtesy of Alisha Homann)


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