Hill gains highest average at line


By Teri Reed

Zachary Hill, a Lockhart Lion athlete, was recognized for having the highest free throw percentage, 92.6 percent, in Central Texas in the Jan. 28 edition of the Austin American Statesman. The senior basketball player is also the only player to have an average above 90 percent.
“Zach has been consistent all year at the line,”

Head Basketball Coach Tony Knight said. “His role on the team has steadily increased since the start of the year. I am extremely proud of him and his accomplishment. Hopefully, he can continue his dominance at the line and finish out the year atop the list.”
Hill’s post-graduate plans include attending Texas Southern University in Houston. He is the son of Henry Hill, Jr. and Linda Hill.
Hill said he doesn’t feel any different with having the high free throw percentage, but feels the pressure when he prepares to take his shot.
“Coach Knight always tells me to squat when I shoot and I make it most of the time using his advice,” Hill said. “When I step up to the line I think about making the shot, and then the pressure of staying number one comes to me.”
After the Lions’ Tuesday night game against Connally, Hill‘s record changed as he made three out of four free throws averaging him 13 out of 15 shots overall for the season.


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