Lockhart’s freshman strive to find victory


Lions vs. Del Valle
The Lockhart Lion freshman basketball team lost to the talented Del Valle Cardinals for the third time this season.
“The first time the Lions played the Cardinals they lost 25-72,” said Coach Mark Brown. “The second time they played them they lost 40-68, while only losing 28-42 the last time. The Lions have showed improvements each week. Th

is is a great example of their hard work at practice.”
After the first quarter, the Lions led 10-7 over Del Valle. However, at halftime, the Lions fell behind, 15-17.
Del Valle came out after the halftime break outscoring Lockhart by 12 points taking the 28-42 victory.
Scoring for the Lions were Jonathan Gonzales with 10 points, Casey Butler with five points, Demetrius Joseph with four points, Gerald Cuellar with three points, Bre Dones with two points and Jeremiah Johnson with two points.
The Lions will host Taylor at the Lions” Den for a 5:30 match up on Friday, Feb. 4. On Tuesday, Feb. 8, the Lions will travel to Pflugerville for a game against the Hendrickson Hawks at 5:30 p.m.

Lions vs. Vista Ridge
The Lockhart Lion freshman basketball team defeated Vista Ridge for their second match up in the 26-4A District contest with a 38-30 win.
After the first quarter, the Lions lead over Vista Ridge, 7-6, with all points coming from Gerald Cuellar for the Lions. During the second quarter, the Lions heated up the score by advancing 11 points with an 18-14 halftime lead.
In the third quarter, the Lions went cold, and only scored two points as Vista Ridge outscored them by six points to tie up the game.
Going into the fourth quarter with an even slate, Lockhart fought hard for the lead. The Lions scored 17 points with 10 out of 12 from the free- throw line before the final buzzer giving them the victory.
Scoring for the Lions were Bre Dones with 12 points, Cuellar with nine points, Casey Butler with six points, Shane Sellers with four points, Ryan Carrasco with two points, James Mendez with two points, Jeremiah Johnson with two points and Demetrius Joseph with a free throw.


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