Junior Livestock still all about the kids


Staff reports

The Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show set for March 2-4 at the Fair Associations’ facilities

will once again highlight the youngsters by getting them involved with the Little Showman project as well as the always fun Little Wrangler Hay Hauling and Pig Scramble contests.

The Little Showman Project, which began last year, allows Pre-K thru Second Graders to gain experience for future Livestock Shows as a mentor helps them show animals in the ring. They also answer questions from judges.

The Little Wrangler Hay Hauling is for kids ages 3-5. They choose a partner and together pull a wagon to pick up small bales of hays in a timed event.

The Pig Scramble is for grades K thru Second. The kids race to remove a ribbon from the tail of baby pigs, then race to the finish line in a timed event.

In each of the events, entry forms are available at the show.

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Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show

March 2-4

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 2


12-2 p.m. — Market Swine

12-2 p.m. – Breeding Swine

12-2 p.m. – Poultry

2:30-4:30 p.m. — Market Lambs and Goats

2:30-4:30 p.m. — Breeding Lambs and Goats

5-7 p.m. — Market Rabbits

5-7 p.m. — Breeding Rabbits

5-7 p.m. — Market Beef

5-7 p.m. — Breeding Beef

7-7:30 p.m. — RE Weighs

Friday, March 3

(Judging on Friday)

8 a.m. — Pledge and Prayer

8-10 a.m. – Project Fair Check In

8 a.m. – Broilers

Immediately following – Turkeys

Not before 10 a.m. – Market Lambs

Immediately following – Ewes

Immediately following – Goats

Immediately following – Breeding Goats

Not before 2 p.m. – Market Rabbits

Immediately following – Breeding Rabbits

Not before 5 p.m. – Hay Hauling 3-4-year-olds

Immediately following – Pig Scramble Contest 2nd Grade

Immediately following – Little Showman Project, Pre-K and 2nd Grade

7 p.m. – Project Fair Silent Auction Ends

Saturday, March 4

8 a.m. — Pledge and Prayer

8 a.m. – Market Hogs

Immediately following – Breeding Gilts

Not before 10 a.m. – Steers

Immediately following – Breeding Beef

Immediately following – Overall Showmanship

4 p.m. – Barbecue by Kreuz Market

5:30 p.m. – All winners with Trophies, Jackets, and Prizes Photos

6 p.m. – Pledge and Prayer

6 p.m. – Animal Auction, 6 p.m.


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