Junior Varsity and freshman Lions fight hard, lose to Rebels


By Alonzo Garza

The Junior Varsity Lions played against the Austin Travis Rebels on Tuesday, Nov. 20 and found themselves at the wrong end of the scoreboard with a final score of 61-43.
The entire game was lost in the first quarter of play. The JV Rebels charged onto the court with fierce determination and deadly accurate shots. The first qua

rter ended with Austin putting a total of 21 points on the scoreboard while allowing only eight points from Lockhart.
The second quarter was more evenly matched. The total points scored by Lockhart were 13 and the total Austin points in the quarter were 15. The quarter ended at 36-21.
The Lions continued to fight throughout the second half and remained engaged in the game but were not able to recover from the significant lead the Rebels created in the first quarter. The Lions scored 11 points in the third quarter while the Rebels added 14 points to their score. The third quarter ended at 50-32.
The last quarter was even in scoring. Both teams put 11 more points on their final score. The quarter and the game ended at 61-43.
Adam Renteria, Greg McAfee and Ricky Rodriguez did most of the scoring for the Lions.
Renteria scored his 10 points in the first half of the game with a two-point shot and a three-point shot in the first quarter and a couple of two-point shots and a free throw in the second quarter.
McAfee scored his eight points in the second half of the game with one free throw in the third quarter and three two-point shots and a free throw in the fourth quarter.
Rodriguez also scored eight points, but he spread his points around. He made a two-point shot in the first quarter, another two-point shot in the third quarter and two more two-point shots in the fourth quarter.
Sergio Juarez and Joseph Gonzales each scored a total of four points for the Lions. Juarez made his contribution in the second quarter with a pair of two-point shots. Gonzales made his contribution in the third quarter with four free throws.
Roy Garcia made a free throw in the first quarter and two free throws in the second quarter for a total of three points while Mario Martinez, Octavio Terrazas and Max Lindstrom each made a two point shot. Lindstrom scored in the second quarter. Martinez and Terrazas scored in the third quarter.
The junior varsity team picked up the pace and became more aggressive as the game went on. All they need to do now is come out with the same amount of passion in the first quarter to remain competitive throughout the rest of the game.
The JV Lions played against the Dripping Springs Tigers at home on Tuesday, Nov. 27 and will participate in the Seguin Matador Classic Basketball tournament on Thursday, Nov. 29 and Saturday, Dec. 1. Check out next week’s paper for game results.
See you at the game.


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