From the Sidelines – Basketball season in full force, where are the fans?


The football season is behind us, I know. I also know that some of the hardcore Lion fans felt they could have dealt with traveling to at least two additional playoff games.

It was as if the fans were left wanting more, and why wouldn’t they. It is a wonderful feeling to get to participate in a winning experience.

I’m sure some of the Lion fans are still

ready and willing to go out and cheer on the home team. Well, guess what… basketball season is tipping off and there is plenty of room in the Lion’s Den with lots of bleachers for faithful Lion fans to fill.

Basketball season is well underway Lockhart fans and both the Lions and the Lady Lions could use some encouraging cheers to motivate them throughout the rest of the season.

This is an open invitation to all the wild and crazy fans that participated in the great playoff ride the Varsity Lions took the community of Lockhart on. I know you are out there and that you did not get enough of the cheering, shouting and yelling.

How about getting a little closer to the action this time? The officials at basketball games also need someone to set them straight when they make a bad call.

The Lion’s Den is nice and warm, the bathrooms are really close, the snack bar is just as stocked with nachos and other goodies as the Lion Field snack bars were and most importantly, the Lion and Lady Lion athletes need you.

They need your encouragement. They need you to motivate them, to push them, to inspire them, to challenge them to succeed.

I know it may sound as if I am trying to make a case for the home teams, but I shouldn’t even have to be doing this. I am sure all the fans are just taking a little time off from cheering on the Lion football team.

I am almost positive the real Lion fans are just waiting to rebound (please excuse the pun) from the post-playoff season blues.

They, the real, dyed in the maroon and white wool, Lion T-shirt wearing, LL magnet on the side of your car having, Lion banner waving, proud noise maker shaking, true Lion fans should be getting ready to come join the rest of Lockhart in the Lion’s Den bleachers and cheer on the Lion and Lady Lion basketball teams. Of course they are.

You guys, the true Lion fans through and through, are coming back.

You, oh great and wonderful sports fanatic and lover of all things associated with the Lockhart Lions, were just taking a well-deserved mini-vacation. It is understandable, but it is time to get back in the stands and cheer on our other non-football-playing athletes with the same resounding enthusiasm and “We Are Lockhart” chant. Come join us.

See you at the (basketball) games.


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