L.J.H. battles Wallace on court


The Lockhart Lions” Junior High basketball teams met Wallace with a home court advantage on Monday, Dec. 12.
The Lions” 8th grade “A” team played a close-scoring game against Wallace, but lost by one basket, 39-37.
“We had outstanding rebounding by Sergio Juarez and Kendall Till,” Coach Andrew Corpus said. “Micheal Aldridge and David Dihn did an excellent job of

handling the ball and running the offense.
“We gave good effort in the game and came up short. I am proud of the team for the competitiveness the showed on the court and the effort they gave,” Coach Corpus added.
Scoring for the Lions were Micheal Aldridge with 14, David Dihn with 12, Kendall Till with eight, Ryan Hitter with a free throw, and Robert Castenada with two.
The Lions” 8th grade “B” team also lost to Wallace with a close score, 30-27.
The Lions were led offensively by Dalton Dabbs with 11 points and Daniel Herrera with seven points. Josh Foster added four points, while Manuel Hernandez and Cody James each chipped in a basket. Nolan Lockhart scored a free throw to contribute to the team”s 27 total points.
The Lions” 7th grade “A” team won its first game of the season against Wallace with a score of 38-14.
“We held Wallace under double digit scoring until the fourth quarter and we surpassed our highest point total for a game early in the second quarter,” Coach Harold Abayan said. “Seven out of the ten players scored at least two points and the ones who did not score played key roles on defense and offense.
“I am also proud of the team defense, great passing on offense, and the fact that we out rebounded our opponents. Doing all three of those things will usually win you ball games,” Coach Abayan said.
The Lions” 7th grade “B” team lost to Wallace on Monday, Dec. 12, with a score of 18-15.
“Our defense is the toughest part of our team,” Coach Chris Mata said. “However, it was a tough offensive game until the end”
The Lockhart Lady Lions” Junior High basketball teams traveled to meet Wallace on the court Monday, Dec. 12.
The Lady Lions” 8th grade “A” team was successful against Wallace with a 28-19 victory.
“We played good basketball,” Coach Stephanie Roberts said. “We didn”t just move to a spot like robots, we played the game and we played it very well. We needed a win to boost confidence levels. The girls deserved to win a good, clean game. Way to go, girls. You did such an amazing job!”
Scoring for the Lady Lions” were Amanda Alvarez with 10 points, Desiree Roland with eight points, Jordyn Platt with four points, Kariah Selby with two points, Bianca Juarez with two points, and Desirea Winn with two points.
The Lady Lions” 8th grade “B” team also defeated Wallace with a close-scoring game, 24-22.
Scoring for the Lady Lions were Bethany Horton with 10 points, Kelsey Daily with eight points, Ashley Koehler with four points, and Brittney Joseph with two points.
The Lady Lions” 7th grade “B” team defeated Wallace with a score of 29-11.
The Lady Lions started out a bit sluggish only scoring eight points in the first two quarters of play. However, they came back refreshed from half time to score a total of 21 points in the second half.
“The girls really hustled on the press to force Wallace to turn over the ball,” Coach Alisha Homann said. “We then capitalized by making the easy lay-ups for points.”
High point scorer was Danielle Reynolds with eight points, followed by Alissa Casteel with six points, Cassie Arredondo with five points, Alysia Peralez with two points, Heather Schalin with two points, Candice Garza with two points, Elora Chestnut with two points, and Amanda Capello with two points.
(Courtesy of Andrew Corpus, Russell Krenek, Harold Abayan, Chris Mata, Stephanie Roberts, Karli Kutach, and Alisha Homann)


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