Mentor basketball program gives youth support


By Teri Normandin

A co-ed mentoring basketball program, organized by the Lockhart Community Recreational Center (LCRC), gives the local teens a chance to get off the streets for organized basketball games at the Freshman Campus gymnasium.
The program gives youth, ages 14 through adults, a chance to participate in the drug-free basketball-trai

ning league with adult supervision every Monday evening from 5:30-10:30 p.m.
“It’s an organized, safe way to get the kids off the street and they really seem to enjoy playing together,” said Levita Carter, mother of two children involved with the LCRC.
The athletes receive their first round of training for referring, coaching, and scorekeeping for the Lockhart Little Dribblers program.
“I have a strong place in my heart for the kids,” said John Minton, pastor at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship and mentor in the basketball league. “I care about the youth in this community and want the best for them. We really need the sponsorship to continue a strong program for them.”
The LCRC depends on the help of their volunteers to support the mentoring program. Volunteers help with the game clock, keeping game records, referring, mentoring, and funding.
“We really appreciate all the help we can get,” said Lee Eckford, director of LCRC. “This program’s livelihood is based upon volunteers.”
The mentoring program always needs the help of sponsors to provide relief for the entry cost for the youth. With the $40 entry fee, the youth players are given a team t-shirt with the chance of winning trophies after play-offs. The mentoring program rents the gymnasium without the comfort of air conditioning.
“The program would appreciate the donation of an industrial mobile fan for the youth to play comfortably during the hot evening hours,” Eckford said. “We really appreciate any help from sponsors.”
Besides providing a safe place for local youth, the LCRC utilizes the help of a couple local churches to assist with the concession stand and security into the gymnasium.
The league, consisting of nine teams, is currently in the double elimination play-off period.
For more information about the mentoring basketball program call Lee Eckford at (512) 398-5507, or visit the center at 218 E. Market St.


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