L.J.H. Lions compete against San Marcos Goodnight


By Megan Miller

8th Grade “A” Team
The Lockhart Lions’ Junior High 8th grade basketball “A” team played against Goodnight on Thursday, Jan. 12 with a home court advantage.
At halftime the score was 20-24 with Wallace in the lead.
“We had outstanding rebounding by Ryan Houston, Sergio Juarez, and Kendall Till,” Coach

Andrew Corpus said. “Michael Aldridge and David Dihn did an excellent job of handling the ball and running the offense.”
Offensive standouts included David Dihn scoring 15 points, Michael Aldridge scoring nine points, Ryan Houston scoring six, and Ryan Hitter scoring five points for the Lions.
Defensive standouts for the game were Michael Aldridge, Sergio Juarez, Ryan Hitter, and Ryan Gonzales.
Hustle players of the game were David Dihn and Ryan Houston.
The game ended in Goodnight’s favor with a score of 51-35. Next game will be on Thursday, Jan. 19, against Hays Dalhstrom.

8th Grade “B” Team
The Lockhart Junior High 8th grade basketball “B” team suffered a hard loss last Thursday night against a very good pressing team, Goodnight.
Goodnight outscored the Lions every quarter.
Scorers for Lockhart were Cody James with five points, Sam Yanez with four, and Dalton Dabbs, Nolan Lockhart, and Daniel Herrera with two points apiece for the Lions.
Goodnight defeated the Lions with a final score of 42-22.

7th Grade “A” Team
The Lockhart Junior High 7th grade basketball “A” team played Goodnight last Thursday night with a home court advantage.
“Thursdays game against Goodnight was our most exciting game of the year,” Coach Harold Abayan reports. “It was nip-n-tuck the whole way through with neither team leading by more than six points.”
The Lions started the game on the right track with a 6-0 lead but by the end of the first quarter the Lions’ lead had shrunk to two points, 8-6.
Going into the second half, both teams were tied at 14 points.
The third quarter was much like the second with Goodnight either having the lead or the momentum.
The final quarter did not give much reason to think that the Lions could get any closer than four points because of a great free throw shooting by Goodnight, four out of six, in the quarter. A clutch three pointer to put the Lions down by one with three seconds remaining in the game occurred.
“Although we could not come up with the steal, I am very proud of the effort put forth by the athletes and could not ask for more than what they left on the court,” Coach Harold Abayan said.
The final score was 27-28 with Goodnight coming out as the champions.
“Thank you to all the family and friends who came to support.” Coach Harold Abayan added.
The next game will be Thursday, Jan. 19 at Dahlstrom.

7th Grade “B” Team
The Lockhart Junior High 7th grade basketball “B” team played an exciting game Thursday, Jan. 12. This was the second game of the home stand.
“This was a very well played game by all players,” Coach Chris Mata said. “Our offense was sharp and our defense shut down the Rattlers all night!”
Outstanding offensive players included Paul Brite and Dylan Plummer with six points apiece, Landon Pederson and Josh Silva with four points apiece, Kyle Medina with two points, and our top scorer was Edmond Brillion with 10 points for the Lions.
Outstanding players also included Javier Alarcon and Moses Ramirez. John Madrigal had a great defensive game to keep out the Rattlers.
This is the Lion’s second win in district and with three more games left the district championship is still up for grabs.
This week the Lions will go to Dahlstrom to face a team that beat them by three points in the first half of the season. The final score for the night was 32-20 with the Lions claiming the victory.
(Statistical information provided by Gifford White- head, Andrew Corpus, Russell Krenek, Chris Mata, and Harold Abayan)


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