Lady Lion Lifters advance to Regionals


By LPR Staff



Fueled by strong performances throughout the season, nine members of the Lady Lion powerlifting team will advance to the Regional Meet to be held at Lehman High School on Friday, Feb. 22.

Brittney Erickson is among the leaders of the team, competing in the 198 weight class, and tying for a second place regi

onal rank with a 325-pound squat, a 140-pound bench and a 300-pound dead lift.

Selena Dominguez also qualified in the 198 weight class, with regional rank of seventh. Her squat was 225 pounds, her bench press was 105, and her deadlift, 235 pounds.

Alexis Dezarn ranks third regionally in the 165-pound weight class. She logged a 310-pound squat, a bench press at 135, and a dead lift at 335.

Michelle Munoz also qualified in the 165’s, in a three-way tie for an eighth place regional rank. Munoz had a squat at 250 pounds, a bench press at 115, and a deadlift at 275.

Alexandra Howard pulled a regional rank of fourth in the 181-pound weight class, with a squat of 285 pounds, a bench press of 115 pounds, and a dead lift tipping the scales at 305.

Jessica Simmons led the Lady Lions in the 114-pound weight class, ranking sixth regionally with a 230-pound squat, a 100-pound bench press and a 260-pound dead lift.

Mercedes Gutierrez ranked right behind Simmons in seventh, with a squat at 210, a bench press at 85, and a dead lift at 225.

Deanna Leasman also qualified in the 114s, with a regional rank of eighth. Her statistics show a 210-pound squat, an 80-pound bench and a 245-pound deadlift.

Shelby Duran rounded out the team in the 148-pound weight class as second alternate with a regional rank of 12th. Duran’s squat was 225 pounds, her bench press was 100, and her dead lift was 245.

The Lady Lions will continue to train this week for Friday’s meet. Check next week’s Post-Register for results.







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