Local youth join summer basketball camps


By Alonzo Garza

Summer is here and the sports camps, workshops and clinics that come with it are well underway in Lockhart. In fact, the Lockhart Lion Boys Basketball Camp started as soon as school ended.
Under the direction of Lockhart High School Head Basketball Coach Glenn Rotzler, the camp started on Tuesday, June 3 and lasted through Fri

day, June 6.
The four-day camp provided interested students with a cool and safe place to play and learn. They had an opportunity to practice their skills and improve their game while having plenty of fun in the process.
The program split the students into two groups and placed them in either Camp A or Camp B.
Camp A included students from first to fifth grade. Participating in this year’s camp were Belton Andress, Michael Walker, Ryan Butler, Robert Burrier, Logan Brown, Cameron Pannell, Thomas Barron, Gabriel Franco, Brandon Finger, Trevor Rich, Gabe Galvan, Roland Luna, Benjamin Visage, Tyler Butler, Clay Buehring, Kenneth Powel, Christopher Facundo, Trey Von Dohlen, Cezar Hinojosa, Cy Griebel, Will Datesman, Eli Datesman and Jacob Zardackias.
Camp B included students from sixth through eighth grade. Participating in the basketball camp were Jacob Alvarez, Jeremy Estrada, Braylon Moreno, Robert Sanchez, Justin Montana, Taylor Connell, Andrew Flores, Cody Keller, Matthew Sanchez, Jarred Fleissner, Brandon Sanders, Trent Till, Kyle Thormaehlen, Kamron Selby, Aaron Aquilar, Sawyer Burditt, Kristopher Ramirez, Gabriel Ortiz, Joey Salinas, C.J. Sanchez.
Students learned the valuable lesson of teamwork, along with important skills and helpful techniques for improving their game as a whole.
Campers were provided with opportunities to participate in beneficial drills and competitive games through out the four-day camp and most took advantage of the opportunity.
Participants received t-shirts and certificates along with prizes, such as basketballs, at the end of the camp. All had great fun.
More sports camps are either under way or will begin shortly.
See you at the camps.


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