Lady Lions crumble under Steele’s might


By Alonzo Garza

The Lady Lion Basketball teams seemed to have hit a solid Steele wall last Friday night at the Lockhart High School Gym. Not one of the teams had any luck playing against the Steele Lady Knights. It was as if all three Lady Lion teams had been jousted into a stunned submission by the Steele Lady Knights from the start.


hmen v. Steele
The best scoring game for the Lady Lions, even if it did end up in a loss, came from the freshmen team, who stepped up their game in the final quarter. They lost by only 12 points with a final score of 38-50. The freshmen trailed by half the points at the end of the first quarter with a 5-10 score. The Lady Lions kept up with the Lady Knights in the second quarter putting 11 points on the board while Steele stacked 16 more points for themselves ending the first half with a score of 16-26. The Lady Knights came out swinging in the third quarter and put 18 points up for the Lady Lions to match. The Lady Lions could only come up with seven points ending the third quarter with a score of 23-44. The Lady Lions found their roar in the last quarter and piled on 14 points while allowing only six points from the Lady Knights ending the game and the scoring at 38-50. Doing most of the scoring for the freshmen were Alisha Officer with 17 points and Amanda Alvarez with 15 points. Andrea McKinney contributed four points and Audry Valdez added two points. The freshmen team should be proud of their efforts and remember to come out fighting with the same type of game winning attitude from the very beginning of every game.
JV v. Steele
The least desirable score of all three losses belonged to the junior varsity team. The Junior Varsity Lady Lions took a beating on the court, walking away with a bruising 76-10 loss.
Steele came out with a “take no prisoners” attitude and scared the wits out of Lockhart. The JV Lady Knights were relentless in their attempts to squeeze every little bit of life out of the JV Lady Lions from the beginning and they succeeded. It took a lot of guts for the Lady Lions to continue playing throughout the entire game despite their obvious fate.
The first quarter was devastating for the Lady Lions. They were left watching the Lady Knights storm in to steal all the baskets they could steal and leave absolutely nothing for the Lions. The first quarter ended with a 26-0 score and stunned Lady Lions. The second and third quarters were pretty much the same. The Lady Lions scored four points in each quarter while the Lady Knights scored 17 points in the second and 15 points in the third. The Lady Lions put two more points on the board during the last quarter in a last ditch effort to get out of the single digits and they succeeded. Unfortunately for them, the Steele Lady Knights were not done playing ball and chalked up another 18 points to close the scoring at 10-76. Scoring for the Lady Lions were Teie Harris with a free throw and a couple of two pointers for a total of five points, Bethany Horton with a free throw and a two pointer for a total of 3 points and Jesse Greer with a two pointer.

Varsity v. Steele
The Varsity Lady Lions fell 32-59 to the Lady Knights. The Lady Lions team didn”t know what hit them in the first quarter. Lockhart was able to put two points on the scoreboard while Steele stored away 16 points for their team. The second quarter was almost even with Lockhart earning eight points and allowing Steele to earn only 10 points ending the first half with a score of 10-26. The second half of the game started with another smack down for the Lady Lions. Steele came out stealing baskets left and right. The Lady Knights put 20 additional points on the board and let the Lady Lions have nine points ending the third quarter at 19-46. The fourth quarter ended in a 13-13 shoot out. Both teams were fiercely determined but the clock ran out on the Lady Lions ending the game with a final score of 32-59 in favor of the steely Lady Knights.
Scoring for the varsity team were Mariah Carter with 16 points, Adrian Carter with eight points, Desiree Roland with five points, Chelsy Martinez with two points and Kariah Selby with one point.
That was it for Friday night basketball at the LHS Gym. The Lady Lions played against Clemens on Tuesday, Jan 9. Look for more sports updates in next week”s paper. Please come out and support your Lion teams. See you at the game.


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