Police seek suspects in burglaries


By LPR Staff

Lockhart police are investigating a rash of burglaries on the western end of town this week.
According to LPD Captain John Roescher, at least seven homes in western and central Lockhart have been burglarized in the last several weeks. The burglarized homes, which are well-scattered, were located on San Jacinto, Prairie L

ea, Maple, Plum and South Church Streets.
“Some things that came up in our investigation indicate that these burglaries have been committed by juveniles,” Roescher said Monday. “They just aren”t taking things that someone that makes a living, or breaks into houses for things to sell for money, usually take.”
Roescher also said investigators have reason to believe the incidents may be related, but could not elaborate because of the ongoing investigation. No suspects had been named in the break-ins at press time.
In a related investigation, LPD has been investigating four break-ins in the Windridge subdivision, which occurred in November and December.
Roescher said three of the burglarized Windridge Homes were vacant.
The department is preparing cases against at least one juvenile in connection with this series of break-ins, but Roescher said other suspects may be investigated in time.
While these suspects are sought, area residents are reminded to take precautions to protect their homes and belongings. Lock all windows and doors when your home is unoccupied, and leave a light on to deter burglars from entering. Additionally, closing drapes or blinds and keeping big-ticket or easily-transportable items away from windows and doors can help keep property secure.
If you have information on these burglaries or wish to report a crime, contact the Lockhart Police Department at 398-4401.


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