Lady Lions fall to Reagan, Bastrop on the road


The Lady Lions had a tough week last week, as injuries and tough opponents plagued the team, causing them to fall 61-42 to Reagan on Nov. 18 and 71-45 to Bastrop on Nov. 21.

Lockhart v. Reagan
The Lady Lions took on a tough Reagan team on the road. Reagan opened the game with a quick score after missing their first attempt by the Lady Lions. After receiving a gr

eat pass from Chelsy Martinez, Jaimee Bennett scored the first points for the Lady Lions in the game. After getting fouled Andrea McKinney knocked down two three pointers to take a 4-2 lead. Reagan answered quickly knocking down two three pointers and the two teams went back and forth ending the first quarter with Reagan up 18 – 12.
The second quarter opened with Reagan increasing their defensive pressure causing Lockhart to turn the ball over a three times in a row and Reagan took a 27-14 lead after getting hot from the outside. The Reagan quick offensive transition and high percentage shooting proved too much for the Lady Lions to overcome. The second half ended with a score of 33-24.
The third quarter went by with the Lady Lions hanging in there stride for stride with Reagan, but the deficit created in the second quarter seemed a mountain too high to climb. The fourth quarter proved to be the biggest hurdle for the Lady Lions as they struggled with turnovers and consistency in play. Highlights of the game include: Tory Hill shot 50 percent from the three-point line. Kariah Selby pulled down nine rebounds; Chelsy Martinez had five assists; Katy Duda and Kariah Selby both had eight points, with Desi Winn following with seven.
The Lady Lions fought hard during a very physical match and never backed down. The Lady Lions scored their most points of the season due to better offensive as well as defensive play.
The Lady Lions continue to work hard and show significant gains in ability, effort, and heart.

Lockhart v. Bastrop
Five injured varsity players proved to be the story line for the Lady Lions as they traveled to Bastrop to play the Lady Bears on Friday night. The Lady Lions started off their away game versus Bastrop strong with a 4-0 lead following baskets made by Kariah Selby and Jaimee Bennett.
The Lady Lions seemed to play near perfect defense against a strong Bastrop team during the first quarter as they continued their lead as Chelsy Martinez put in a lay-up giving the Lady Lions a 10-5 lead in the first quarter.
The Lady Bears gained some momentum as Lockhart had two critical turnovers in the first quarter giving Bastrop some momentum as they fought back ending the first quarter with the Bears down by one with a score of 12-11.
The second quarter opened with Vanessa Gonzales knocking down the first goal of the quarter giving Lockhart a 14-11 lead.
Bastrop answered back and the two teams continued to volley back and forth and as the second half ended Bastrop had taken a two-point lead. The intensity and discipline play of the Lady Lions during the first half was exciting to watch.
Unfortunately, the second half drew to an end and the Lady Lions opened the third quarter with Bastrop knocking down a quick three-pointer.
The third quarter would prove to be difficult for the Lady Lions. As each minute passed on the clock, it was evident that the Varsity players were full of heart but short on steam as Bastrop pushed the ball down the floor with the Lady Lions struggling to keep up.
This struggle was not due to a lack of conditioning, but due to injuries to five of the varsity players. Injured players unable to suit out were: Katy Duda, Tory Hill, Alisha Officer, Kaela Amirkabirian and Brandy Stacks. Stepping up their game to fill in for the injured guards were Amanda Alvarez and Desi Winn. Bennett had her best game of the year, bringing some tough inside the paint play securing five rebounds and added eight points on the scoreboard. Andrea McKinney had 10 points and four rebounds and Martinez and Gonzales both had two assists in the game. Coming up from the JV team to help due to the number of injuries were Cassie Schroeder and Isis Johnson.
The Lady Lions fought hard and valiantly despite the number of injuries.
The Lady Lions took on Luling at home Monday night and will travel to Fredericksburg on Tuesday night. Watch for highlights and results in next week’s Post-Register.
(Courtesy of Melissa Fisher)


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