Del Valle Cardinals defeat Varsity Lions 75-36


By Alonzo Garza

The Varsity Lions hosted the Del Valle Cardinals at the Lion’s Den on Tuesday, Jan. 13 and dropped another district game with a final score of 75-36.

The Lions began their first quarter of play with plenty of action against the Cardinals. Both teams scored 10 points in the first, ending the quarter in a tie.

Hector R

angel led scoring for the Lions in the first with a total of four points. Rangel made a pair of two-pointers. Dustin Watkins, Janovus Croomes and Xavier Moore each scored a two-point shot.

The second quarter became the highest-scoring period for both the Lions and the Cardinals. As the level of play intensified with each shot, the Cardinals out-paced and out-shot the Lions throughout the second. The Lions scored 14 points and the Cardinals piled on 27, ending the period at 37-24.

Watkins, Croomes, Moore, Rangel, Christian Estrada and Ricky Rodriguez scored for the Lions in the second. Croomes led the scoring with two free throws and a two-pointer for a total of four points. Moore scored three with a free throw and a two-point shot. Watkins, Estrada and Rangel each made a two-pointer and Rodriguez made a free throw.

The Lions went cold after the half time break. They scored only six points in each of the third and fourth quarters while the Cardinals continued to pile on the points. The Cardinals scored 14 points in the third and 24 in the fourth.

Croomes, Moore and J.C. Winkler scored in the third. All three Lions scored a two-pointer ending the period at 51-30.
Rodriguez and Rangel scored in the fourth. Rodriguez scored four points with a pair of free throws and a two-point shot. Rangel sank the Lion’s final shot ending the scoring at 75-36.

The Lions traveled to Hays High School and faced the Rebels on Tuesday, Jan. 20 and will host Austin Travis at the Lion’s Den on Friday, Jan 23 at 7 p.m. Check next week’s Post-Register for scores and highlights.

See you at the game.


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